Indonesian Furniture Manufacturers

Piguno Indonesia offers Indonesia furniture, furniture project, furniture for restaurant, furniture for villas, spa with wholesale & retail. Piguno Indonesia offers Indonesia furniture from indoor furniture to outdoor furniture, Indonesia decorative lighting, home decorative, & craft for hospitality projects from Indonesia with retail and wholesale prices direct from Indonesian furniture manufacture based in Solo city, Central Java - Indonesia, Asia.

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Piguno as Indonesian Furniture Manufacturers a reflection of full experience to provide high quality with full dedication and full credibility for indoor furniture and outdoor teak furniture products. Indonesia furniture exporters based at Klaten, Central Java Province for Wooden, Rattan and bamboo consists of many kind of styles ready to ships to many destination worldwide.
Indonesia furniture makers for wholesale sales offers wide ranging from natural resource, Indonesia legal forestry, or reclaimed and recycled wooden furniture, rattan, up to furniture reproductions of antique furniture collection from colonial furniture design. Piguno as Indonesia Furniture Wholesale Manufacturer and Exporter with factory prices ready to provide and supply many kinds of requirements including custom made and bespoke furniture made in Indonesia. A very well-known with respectful reputation with exclusive natural materials and legal sources very well selected piece of Indonesia furniture manufacturer has a large selection of stock options has become increased demands due to its elegant and excellent handcrafted, handmade and high quality wooden reproduction well-known throughout the island archipelago.
Piguno Indonesian Furniture Supplier is a trusted resources, highly responsible and reliable company with passion in business continually producing authentic antique furniture and contemporary modern furniture from Indonesia. Direct from Klaten City at Center of Java province, in Indonesia with an extensive industry indoor teak and outdoor for the entire output used to collect artificial wood, structure of high quality products which now becoming prominent and highly appreciated to suit indoor and outdoor made in Java, Bali and other regions all factory with bigger collections.


Piguno is Indonesian furniture manufacturer has over 20 years of experience in contract design and volume manufacturing and in developing specialized finishes for international clients.

Contract Design

We understand the varied needs of the hospitality industry and can develop with you the special finishes, textures and materials you need. Indonesian contract design furniture

Custom Design

We receive custom furniture design based on customer design. We do also in lighting and craft for your hospitality projects.

Indonesia furniture

Piguno furniture is a direct Indonesia furniture company from Klaten, Central Java, Indonesia, that produce teak garden furniture for outdoor and indoor. Provide Best Indonesian Garden Teak Furniture exporter and manufacturer of Indonesia garden furniture. Indonesia garden teak furniture manufacture

We supply indoor and outdoor furniture such as wooden furniture, rattan furniture, natural fiber furniture, garden furniture, lighting, flooring & gazebo, craft, and home accessories. Manufacturer of Indonesia Furniture teak garden furniture, patio furniture. Teak outdoor furniture wholesaler, supplier and Indonesia furniture exporter.

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Hotel furniture manufacturing

Asia furniture Hospitality Designs furniture is a hotel furniture manufacturing, hospitality design, company including headboards, nightstands, desks, dressers, tv chests, media consoles and tables.
Piguno Indonesia Hospitality Designs offers a full hotel interior service experience to hotel owners and designers through in-house procurement, interior design and durable case good manufacturing. Piguno Indonesia are a leader and innovator of hospitality industry furniture, custom hospitality furniture, contract furniture, hotel furniture, interior design, upholstered furniture and more!

Indonesia reclaimed teak furniture

Asia furniture manufacturer offer reclaimed wood furniture, recycled teak furniture, pine wood furniture, teak root furniture manufacture.
Indonesia reclaimed teak furniture! The right place where you can find wide range of reclaimed teak furniture including boat wood furniture, rustic wood furniture and recycle furniture for your shopper. Reclaimed teak is a type of teak wood that have undergone in naturally drying over time long enough to decades. The main idea is still about teak wood but for reclaimed teak, we use different part. By utilizing roots and teaks branch combining with an idea, creativity and skill those furniture becomes booming in some country. No less interesting than reclaimed teak furniture is Indonesia boat wood furniture

Manufacturer of Indonesian Teak Indoor Furniture

Asia furniture Indonesia furniture exporter and manufacturer of best indoor teak furniture for home, office, hotel and apartment. We provide best Indonesian Teak Indoor Furniture from All Indonesia Indoor Teak Furniture Manufacturer. If you require any item of Indonesian Teak Indoor Furniture not shown on here or perhaps an alternative size to that indicated as available, don’t hesitate to contact us related to our products and services.

Indonesia synthetic rattan furniture

Asia furniture is Indonesia furniture manufacturer and exporter of rattan furniture and wicker furniture. synthetic Rattan Furniture Indonesia. We are a leading Indonesian Export company and manufacturer of synthetic rattan furniture located in Klaten, Central Java. Also as Indonesia Rattan, Rattan Furniture Wholesale, Indonesia Wicker Furniture

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